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Service Centre

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Langqiao service work closely around the needs of users, all for the sake of users. "Want to be in front of users, do in front of requirements. "We have formulated strict service standards, established a high standard service system, and carried forward the service spirit of" hard work, one person, warm thousands of families. "If I were a user, what would I think?" put myself in the shoes of users. Through thoughtful and meticulous work, with humanized and moving service, we provide customers with all-round professional "family" services, so that users can enjoy the whole process of worry free and happy consumption.


Three characteristics of service

① The whole process: high standard service includes the whole process from preliminary research, consultation to after-sales service, and through product upgrading, it has become a rising integrated service to ensure that users can use the company's products at ease.


② All staff participation: the company has established the idea of "the second line serves the first line, and the whole staff serves the users". All employees participating in the production and service processes are required to hold the attitude of being responsible for customers, so as to ensure that every work is carried out according to the requirements of perfect service.


③ Personalized service: according to different types of customers, adopt differentiated service methods to meet the personalized needs of customers.

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About us

In the increasingly fierce global market competition in the future, Langqiao will, as always, meet the market requirements of rapid development with excellent quality, reasonable and competitive price, accurate delivery time and perfect after-sales service.

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